Mac Mechanic
Your Mac - Fixed, Clean & Fast. Always!!

Compatible with: Mac OS X 10.7 +

Why Use Mac Mechanic?

"Mac Mechanic" is a suite of excellent cleaning and security tools developed for Mac. It takes overall care of your Mac machine by keeping it secure, cleaning unwanted junk, managing files and a lot more.


More Exciting Features


Multiple Cleanups

Wasted space can be easily recovered with multiple cleanups.


App Manager

It manages your installed apps, browser history and the system startups.


Duplicate Remover

This locates duplicate files on your Mac and lets you remove them easily.

Benefits of Using "Mac Mechanic"


Easy Disk Cleanup

You can easily cleanup your Mac by removing unwanted files that grab a whole lot of disk space.


More Utilities

Uninstall an app in just one click, manage system apps effortlessly and do more with added utilities.


Manage Files Easily

You can manage all files, be it duplicate files or very large files. It’s that easy!


24/7 Support

Get in touch for your Mac problems at email:

Compatible with: Mac OS X 10.7 +

Best Buy at USD 39.95


"The best cleaner"

"The extra space my Mac was consuming got me really annoyed. This app let me recover 1.5GB os storage & I'm happy about that."

Resoto Milis (Manager)

"Worth every penny"

"I was concerned about my mac's speed. The unwanted files & apps hogged it up all. Mac Mechanic has been the best tool for speeding up my Mac. Takes no time."

Phoebe Duniar (Writer)